Thank You!

We at Hope Valley Baptist Church and with the Steering Team for Hope House want to express to our gratitude to all of you for the prayers, financial support, and investment of your time and talents in the physical labor necessary to renovate Hope House.  It has been an inspiring process to see how God has provided as we have worked together to prepare the home to serve the needs of refugees and the vulnerable.

We have been so amazed by the number of people who have been involved in this process in some way.  We think we have had representatives from at least 10 churches invest sweat equity in the demolition/renovation process.  God has provided the finances we have needed through a variety of Baptist groups, churches, and individuals.  It has truly been a “God thing” at so many levels.  We thank each of you and look forward to seeing what wonderful ministries God has in store for Hope House and all of us as we continue to partner together in ministry.

Many Thanks,

Bill Bigger, Pastor

Hope Valley Baptist Church

A Place To Rest …

Thank you Guy, Leonard, John and Steve from Oxford Baptist Church for your loving contribution to Hope House. We are struck with awe, as we look at these beds and think of all the refugees in North Carolina who sleep in the beds your ministry has made. You all are surely the hands and feet of Christ.

Progress, So Far

Thank you to the many people who have dedicated prayers, time, work, and resources to bring us to this point.

Floor Work!

While doing demolition work at Hope House, we discovered beautiful wood floors throughout.   Many people volunteered over the last few weeks to pull up carpet staples and prepare the floors for refinishing.  We are grateful for all who contributed time and energy to restore the floors!

More Paint!

Thank you, Hope Valley, for lending your “Professional Painters” once again!  Hope House is really starting to take shape!

A Little Drywall Work & A Dab of Paint

Hope House now has inside walls!  We’re grateful for the people who came out to prime the walls and who helped paint.  We are making great progress and we thank you for your continued prayers, interest, and support!

Workday – Saturday, September 20, 2016

Thank you to the folks from First Baptist Church of Knoxville, TN for being the Hands & Feet of Christ!  We appreciate you taking the time to paint and for spending time greeting and caring for Internationals.

New Windows!

New windows are being installed today, and we are very grateful!

Workday – Saturday, July 23, 2016

Today, several volunteers from Hope Valley Baptist, Hillsong Church in Chapel Hill, Mt. Carmel Baptist in Chapel Hill, and CBFNC spent the day working together on Hope House.  We appreciate your time and hard work!